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The Great Communion

I have LOTS to give updates on: Graham is now 4 months old, our trip to the Zoe Conference in Nashville, my new tattoo, and a new Wednesday night instrumental service we are starting…and that is just the beginning! First, though, is an event that happened last night at our church called The Great Communion. Members from the Independent Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, and Churches of Christ came together for a historic worship gathering to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the writing of the Declaration and Address. This document aided in launching what is called the Restoration movement: the movement that the Churches of Christ came from.
This was also a unity worship gathering between our “tribal cousins” in both the Independent Christian Churches and the Disciples of Christ. Patrick Mead and a pastor from each of our tribes leading the evening. Pastor Steve Martin (I know, I know) from the ICC read a selection from the Declaration and Address and Sara Barton led us in a prayer of unity. Then, I led worship with our praise team. It was the first time many had ever worshipped in an a capella setting. We got an overwhelming about of feedback about how powerful and moving it was to hear so many voices sing in harmony.


We also had an a capella group called The Singing Preachers from the Disciples of Christ perform a few songs for us. They got the crowd swaying and clapping!

Next, the Meadowbrook Christian Church led more worship with their band and then we shared communion with each other, with an elder from each of the tribes presiding over the table. But my favorite part was the ending! Both praise teams and the Singing Preachers stood up at the end and led everyone in How Great Is Our God/How Great thou Art together as one. I even got to play my guitar! It was a powerful and moving event! May God continue to bring us closer together for we are one in Christ!

For more info: check out Patrick Mead’s blog. www patrickmead.net. Here’s a link: http://patrickmead.net/?p=929

Emerging Artist Night

A few times a year, we invite local artists and people connected to the church to come play music or showcase their artwork or photography. Tonight, my good friend Adam Hill opened up the night with some original music he wrote as well as playing a cover of “Crazy” by the Gnarls Barkley. Second, Ashley Harrison shared a HD reel of various films he’s been working on over the past year. And finally, we pulled together a band to play some worship music.
The last half was anointed! It was awesome to see people sing and respond in worship, especially since it was with a band.
The setlist was:
Let God Arise
Love Is Here
We Believe
Revelation Song

Personally, it was flattering that the band wanted to play my song “We Believe” (see a couple of blog posts below). It was filmed, so I’d thought I’d share it. We should’ve miked the audience, but it gives you the sense of the song!


Otter Creek in the news!

Last night, a Otter Creek Church of Christ held a display to raise awareness and help the homeless in Nashville. Cool stuff! http://tnne.ws/2m.

Youth MiniSTARZ

Love this video about Youth Ministers and Youth group culture. I especially love the awkward side hug move! ha!

We Believe

I am a “newbie” at songwriting worship songs. I mean, I have written songs for an a capella group type of thing, but songwriting for a church is a different beast entirely!

Well, I’m excited to announce that The Zoe Group has recorded a song  I wrote for their new CD!  The song is entitled “We Believe” and it will be released later this fall on Zoe’s upcoming album “Inside Out”. Here’s a clip of them recording the song as well as a new one from Randy and Sheryl! I’m so excited to hear it completed!

The King of Pop dies

Michael-Jackson-michael-jackson-41269_1024_768 They say celebrity deaths happen in threes.  This time: Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson.  But, for me, one of these celebrities stands above the others as a true legend. Today, at the age of 50, one of the greatest entertainers of all time has passed away- Michael Jackson.  Blogs, newscasts, Facebook, and Twitter are afire with talk of MJ, his legacy, and their memories of him. And I truly can’t believe it.

I’ll be honest, I have been a fan of MJ’s since childhood. From listening to my Dad’s Jackson 5 records as a child all the way to his latest album “Invincible” (which I thought was great, BTW)- I have been a loyal fan. through the scandals and the press, even the cosmetic surgeries- I never could quit his music. I always chose to extend some grace to Michael, for he never knew what a “normal” life was.

I’ve already read how many people say they will always remember where they were when they first heard the news of his passing. I will too. Hearing this already seems much like people’s responses to John Lennon or JFK’s passing.  This is truly a sad day in music and a historic event I’ll never forget.

I’ll be listening to some Michael the next few days and remember my childhood.  I’ll remember how freaked out I was after watching “Thriller” on TV with my family. I’ll remember trying to do the moonwalk in the kitchen with my church shoes on and my socks pulled high to mimic his.

No matter what your take on him was, he was still one of the greatest entertainers and singers to have ever lived.  His gifts of music and dancing inspired an entire generation. There will be many copycats of his work, but there is only one original. He will be missed.


Ezra Graham Lindsey is finally here!

He finally here! Ezra Graham Lindsey was born at 9:22AM on Sunday June 14th 2009.  He weighed 7 lbs 13ozs and measured  21 inches long. He and his Mommy are doing great and getting as much rest they can. As a couple of our friends have pointed out, it seems fitting that he was born on a Sunday morning: I couldn’t agree more.

Genna was also very excited to finally meet her new brother. Graham has gotten plenty of hugs and kisses from her already! Please keep us in prayer over the next few days as we welcome Baby Graham into the world!  Here are some of his first pictures. More to come soon.


– chris

1st pic

2nd pic

with Daddy